Congratulations St Pats players on their recent selections:


2019 HNSW Team THE PRIDE: Jessica Watterson

2019 NSW Country Team: Sarah Watterson, Ben Kelly

2019/20 NSW AAP: Lachlan Howard, Fletcher Norris, Ella Davis, Millie Fulton

2019 NSW CCC Team: Millie Fulton

2019 NSW CHS Team: Lillie-Rai Campbell, Lachlan Howard

2019 NSW U13s Teams: Oliver Bestwick, Macey Fulton.

2019 Western CHS Team: Ruby Clarke, Ella Davis, Lilli-Rai Campbell, Lachlan Howard

AUST All Schools U16s: Lachlan Howard

NSW All Schools U16s: Lachlan Howard, Fletcher Norris, Millie Fulton.

2019 Western PSSA Team: Olivia Bednal

2019 NSW Womens Masters: Jodi Webb

2019 Mens Masters: Paul Mellor, Peter Davis

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Left: 2018 WRAS girls hockey Squad

Congratulations to St Pats players Ruby Clarke, Ella Davis, Emma White, Lachlan Martin, Xavier Gauci, Hayden Lew and Coach Ian McAlister on your recent success at the Academy Games Hockey Championships. The girls teams placed 1st and 2nd and the boys were also 2nd overall.

2018 HNSW U13s Teams: Macey Fulton, Lily Kable

2018 U13 State Championship Umpires: Isabell Fulton, Corey Mark.

2019 NSW U15s Girls Squad: Millie Fulton. Boys: Dayne Houlison, Fletcher Norris

2018-19 HNSW AAP Development squad 16-18 yrs: Lachlan Howard

2018 NSW Men's Country Team Head Coach: Jaden Ekert

2018 Australian Country Team: Sarah Watterson

2018 NSW Country Team: Sarah Watterson (St Pats WPL)

2018 CIS TEAM: Tyler Willott

2018 U16 All Schools Squad: Corey Mark, Lachlan Howard.

2018 PSSA Western Girls Team: Lorin Nobes, Lauren Weal. Coach Diane Daymond


2018 PSSA Polding Girls team: Tayla Grabham, Lily Kable.  NSW PSSA Team: Lily Kable

2018 NSW O/35's Women's Masters: Jodi Webb

2018 NSW O/45's Div 2 Team: W Wright

2018 NSW O/50's Div 2 Team: P Davis(C), P Mellor. Shadow I McAlister

2018 NSW O/55's Div 2 Team: Sean Sloane

2018 NSW CHS Team: Shadow selection : Lilli-Rai Campbell.

2018 WESTERN CHS TEAM ( Above L to R): Girls: Ruby Clarke, Lilli-Rai Campbell GK (St Pats WPL), Ella Davis

                                              Boys: Lachlan Howard, Ryan Neale, Xavier Gauci, Hayden Lew.

2018 NSW U15s Boys Team: Fletcher Norris, Lachlan Howard.

2018 NSW U15s Boys Blues Team: Ryan Neale

2018 NSW Invitational U15 Girls Squad: Millie Fulton

2018 NSW U13 Boys Indoor Team: Fletcher Norris

2018 NSW U15 Boys Squad: Ryan Neale, Lachlan Howard.

2017 NSW U13s TEAMS: Millie Fulton, Fletcher Norris.

2017 NSW U13s SQUAD Girls: Millie Fulton, Boys: Fletcher Norris

2017 MASTERS O50s Shadow: Sandra Hamer

left: 2017 CHS girls

2017 WESTERN CHS TEAM: GIRLS Ruby Clarke, Ella Davis, Natalie Davis, Paityn Simpson.  (Girls' Team 4th place)

BOYS Lachlan Howard. (Boys' team 1st place)

2017 CIS TEAM: Tyler Willott

2017 NSW Country Open Men's Caoch: Jaden Ekert

2017 NSW COUNTRY TEAM: Riley Hanrahan

2017 PSSA TEAM: Lorin Nobes, Megan Cooke

2017 POLDING TEAM: Girls- Macey Fulton. Boys - Seth Norris

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